Mashoko Christian Hospital is at Mashoko Mission in Bikita District of Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe, Africa. Mashoko Mission is an area of ministry that was given over to two American missionary families, the Pembertons and the Pruetts.  Mr. and Mrs.  John Pemberton came to Zimbabwe to carry out evangelism through starting of schools and preaching through them.  Dr. and Mrs Dennis Pruett started Mashoko Christian Hospital to evangelize through.

Dr. Pruett once said of Medical Evangelism: “Medical evangelism is the best way in the world to put Christian ideals into action. You SEE with your EYES, and TOUCH with your HANDS, and FEEL with your HEART the LOVE CHRIST had for people when he helped them. This is made more wonderful when you see the appreciation from a people who now understand that the love that God had for all people is manifested in His Servants”. This has been the heart of the ministry at Mashoko Christian Hospital since then.”

When Dr. Pruett retired from the ministry in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) he left David and Eva Grubbs to lead the ministry. When they retired from the ministry at Mashoko, they left Zindoga and Dinah Bungu to lead the ministry.


We facilitate safe learning spaces


— Our Motto

We Preach, Teach, and Heal.


— Our Mission

Mashoko Christian Hospital exists to preach the Gospel to all who come seeking for treatment of their physical ailments while providing quality health care to them. 


— Our Vision

We seek to provide the best health care possible to those who enter our doors so that in the end, they see Jesus’ compassion in us and praise God for it.

Support us and change the course of everyone who enter our doors